cyfix asked: Hello, me again! Can u describe more about the setting the story takes place in? Looks like there's gonna be a lot of fighting?

Hello again! Thank you again for your interest :D

There’re two main settings:

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cyfix asked: Describe ruki in one sentence!! Also, what was the biggest problem she faced? Does she like dogs or cats? Or birds?

She is a very brave and optimistic woman who never gives up!
Even though she probably doesn’t communicate that because she looks serious and neutral. Even in-story, people assume she’s an intimidating, aloof person. She’s just one of those people who naturally looks mad, haha.

Her biggest problem… oooooooof… this is hard bc the story’s conflict is honestly complex and still ongoing LOL. But let’s focus on her past and go with: dealing with her mother’s death; a definite turning point in her life. It really affected her relationships with her siblings, who are also very, very important and I just neglect drawing them!

She’s cool with all three, but if you’re asking about preference, I’m gonna go with dog, because her family took one in temporarily (which then went to her cousins, so she still saw him occasionally, and it was a beautiful reunion every time). But birds do remind her of her mother..

Because I mentioned her mother twice, I’m just gonna say now that Ruki was totally a mama’s girl as a kid.

Wha, thank you so much for sending an ask! ;w; means a lot to me!!!

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It’s been 10 years since I’ve had Ruki, whoaa! If she’s been here this long, I think it’s easy to imagine she’ll be with me FOREVER, and I really hope I can kickstart her story some time in the future.

I haven’t been describing my ocs only until recently, so I’ve never really described her at all the past few years.. and I’m not quite sure what to say bc there’s a lot, haha. Maybe shoot some asks if anyone’s curious about anything specific?

But I will say this: her story is the reason I started drawing and pursued art school. Bc of that, I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to not have ambitions, which is a problem so many people have. Even among art students, some don’t know which field of art to go into, and what to do with their art skills. And furthermore, all this oc story stuff got me through the hardest parts of preadolesence. So, this is an important occasion to me.

more Dacis drawings! I have a better feel of him now.. but still needs work because design is so hard for me ;;

So about Dacis.. He beats up angels. Bad angels. Not devils; corrupted angels. He’s just this “naturally special” kid with the ability to destroy souls. But he’s a good guy. He’s that That Chosen One guy.

He originally started out as a mere background story character. Just a regular student who played baseball; nothing special other than his pink hair. It’s amusing to me how he turned out way more important, and now has his own established pov in Ruki’s story.

Aurele, that Yandere Kid.

Trying to figure out Aurele’s design, and just practicing my design skills overall.

When I created him he was already bonkers, so I only recently discovered his previous, sane self and.. well.. I feel bad now. But he’s been established like this for about 4 years now; it cannot be undone. orz

Kall, a mage oc I’ve had in mind for about a month now, but finally drew him out.

Obviously inspired by Fire Emblem which I played just over the summer haha, but he’s going in Karin’s story, a medieval fantasy story which has been around for a couple years. Only 3 posts in the tag, but it’s ok bc I think about it more often than I draw for it. There are just so many stories to work on!

Anyway, my idea is that he’s a mage specialized to deal with close combat and can be on front lines, since it’s a common idea mages should stay in the back. I also kept imagining him to be super speedy and evasive, taking on a rogue/thief role (and I tend to be that class, heh).

I have more information on him developed already, but I’ll save it for the next time I post him, bc he’s being difficult to design and needs more work.

studying humanoid monster designs (silent hill monsters and one witch from l4d)

Yasa and Ruki in a tv-oriented style lmaoo

They’re my September birthday sibling babies so I wanted to do something for them (Yasa’s is today!! Ruki’s coming up soon) aaand I also wanted to practice this specific style required for this week’s character design homework.

So yey! Killing two stones with one bird! This isn’t a strong drawing, but it was so amusing to draw haha~

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new oc named Dacis

Still figuring him out hmm

Been on vacation and just moved back to school, so I’m rusty. Warmed up with Ian Eastwood gestures (video) He’s one of my fav choreographers!!!