I played this game a year ago and boy let me tell you I love it
currently watching Markiplier’s LP of it

mother and son (Meadow and Fenrir)

Also, I realized I should prolly talk about my ocs more so ppl can connect info to other ocs, lol.

Meadow’s Saria’s older sis, so Fenrir’s the nephew. And for those who don’t know, Saria is Ruki’s bffl. Ruki used to babysit Fenrir when he was younger, whehe.

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seeing the MU & Lucina smash news got me motivated to finish hero!MU drawings I had laying around.

I’m excited!!

taking you to Hell


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mihashi & abe~

genderbent!Ruki sketches.. the idea is so fun

Ruko would be the first name to come to mind but let’s call him Akira

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tajima baby


Tomas, Kay, Yasa

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a Ryn bc it’s her bday

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I don’t care. Donnel’s still a beast.

Also I’m simplifying hero design next time bc geez