my daughter but also my wife?? ?

question mark kid
rough rough rough run cycle
i’ve had this laying around for couple months; i was just too lazy to upload

edit: oh, i forgot to add the actual question mark on his face. that’s okay.

A commission for synthesine I finished some days ago. Thank you so much for commissioning me! \^-^/

Commission details here, if interested.

I’m participating in ORAS countdown, so I redrew the designs for practice. Didn’t plan to publicize these, but I ended up liking the sketches.

sidex asked: i love your art style! it feels really, idk, fluid and smooth, i dig it

Whaa thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff ;-;

need to post more life drawing again

numplanet asked: ahhh i just really,really dig your art!! your a huge inspiration for me please keep doing whatcha do!!

Ahh ahh whaa thank you so so much! ; - ; I’m really flattered!!! Much appreciated! <3

Anonymous asked: Your art if beautiful!

Ahh thank you so much!!! ^//^

asexualwhore asked: OMAIGOD YOUR ART STYLE IS GREAT!! why couldn't I have discovered your art sooner!?! !??! !

Whoaa, thank you so so much! I appreciate it! \ ^o^ /

Hello, hello!

I am now publicly open for commissions. I am your usual poor college student, very much in need of money. Everything above should cover it all. If there are any more questions, do ask via askbox or email.

If you don’t mind, please signal boost this. Even temporarily would be very helpful.

Thanks for looking!