17 years old

remake of an older drawing

and now i’ll get back to the meme orz

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FOB’s album led me to remember Ruki in my middle school days when she wore fishnets and skirts and I suddenly got so inspired and so bam

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After many years of slowly developing Ruki’s story, I’ve finally decided on a medium.
I’m going to make it into a game.
These are just quick draws for possible portrait for MC (Ruki ofc). I’ve even created a boy version in case I go with a gender option.

I’m still doing the oc meme! Just currently distracted by film and new project. ^^

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20. Most likely to kill.

more like who’s the most psychopathic

Roger, Cinquain, Aurele






you can also do top 3 most and least if you have too many characters nwn

Hi it’s 6am. Give me something other than writing and painting to do?

aaaaa I wanna try thisss send me some and I’ll doodle them!

IF ANYONE FEELS LIKE IT but I’ll probably only draw an answer if you send ONE number

Omg omg please do this this is fun!!! ask box

i’ll do this during breaks if anyone feels like it ^^

quick saria

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sear, a cousin of the siblings

update and practice

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rox practice

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she’s called rikku but also ree and eve
i always switch names

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she’s actually pretty small. her coats and jackets are misleading.

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